The Black Creatives’ Manifesto

As Black Creatives, we can recount our historic resilience through the lens of art and creativity. Art has been the preeminent vehicle in pushing the world to think and take action. It is through this creative lens that we can glean power.  Black bodies, art and culture have been the surrogate to commercial and marketing activities in oppressive white supremacist institutions for centuries; but we believe our collective’s true creative power operates on a much more cognitive plane. Our ability to engage in critical making is fertile ground for new technological developments within speculative and material everyday creations. This level of creativity allows us to debate the implications of divergent futures before they happen. In other words, the things we create afford us the opportunity to envision a beautiful future with endless possibilities of freedom that are different from (and arguably better than) our current collective state.

The Manifesto is an edict that is attempting to affirm and recognize that the collective contributions of the Black creative to the arts and related disciplines — be they theoretical or material — are significant and necessary.  In it, you will find what we believe to be principles that every Black Creative from the street to the academy who is creating at their highest potential can adopt as a framework for navigating this world that has historically rendered our creations as other.